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We are a premium wine and spirits supplier dedicated to providing quality wines at affordable prices. 

Our founders were born in Mendoza, Argentina and Nairobi, Kenya. They are both passionate about delivering good quality and diverse wines and spirits to Kenyans. 

We carry a wide range of products from New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Italy, Gallicia where in some regions, we have partnered with wineries such as La Mascota and La Rosa to bring you products with a rich history and consistently good quality. 

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Why not take a trip around the world and find some of the unique and exclusive wines in the Solovino stable - ranging from New Zealand S. Blanc, Riesling from Mosel, Albarino from Gallicia, Chablis from France, Amarone and Prosecco from Italy!


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If you are interested in purchasing one of our wines, please contact us via phone, Instagram or  the website using the contact details below:





Please see our website for payment options.


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