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La Vagabonde was born out of a passion for travel, design, culture, and a curiosity about the history of fabric and textiles.


Clothing represents an important form of expression, and nowhere is this more obvious than in traditional and indigenous cultures and societies from which the collection draws its inspiration.


Driven by a desire to move away from disposable fashion, La Vagabonde is built on the intention to re-infuse meaning into the clothes we wear, and a belief that every piece should carry with it a beautiful story.


Each Vagabonde collection features fabrics from a different place or region, sourced directly from textile makers or merchants.


Through these collections, we aim to honour the culture and history of the peoples who created them.

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La Vagabonde’s first collection, “Caravan”, was inspired by fabrics from the Sahara, and the ancient trade routes on which they travelled and were traded. The collection combines antique handwoven indigo fabrics from Mali, Tuareg silver, and Baoule cloth from West Africa.


Each piece in this collection is made entirely by hand, and no one item is the same. 


Please see each product for pricing details.



If you are interested in purchasing one of our pieces, please contact us via phone, Instagram or email using the contact details below:

Mobile: 0716 253 144

WhatsApp: +34 600 826 520 



We accept payment via MPESA or Cash. Please contact us for more details.


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