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Kenya is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, the Maasai Mara and a little well-kept secret, its delicious coffee. Coffee that smells so tantalizingly beautiful, if you close your eyes while sipping on a cuppa, you are immediately transported, to a small grove in Cianda, a woman baby on her back, tilling coffee trees that have been in her family for decades. Another sip and you are on the foothills of Mt. Kenya, breathing air so fresh it cuts through the haziness of city life. Another, a farmer inspecting his berries, by hand, each getting a careful look over before being thrown into his bucket. All while the icy grooves of the mountain keep watch. 


Amka Coffee was born out of our love for people, travel and photography propped up by coffee. You see all the things we love in the way we make our coffee. Judiciously, carefully, with love. Supporting smallholder coffee farmers in Kenya as they do the thing they love. 

We source only the finest coffee, grades AA and AB from the foothills of Mount Kenya. We process them and create an assortment of products including beans and ground coffee that taste half like Mt. Kenya’s air, and half as all good coffee should. Good. Amka Coffee Good.


Amka Coffee selects only the highest Arabica beans from the foothills of Mount Kenya to ensure a delicious brew every time.


Our 400g bags of coffee beans and ground coffee go for 800 KES each. 



If you are interested in purchasing our coffee beans, please contact us via phone, or email using the contact details below:


We accept payment via MPESA or Cash. Please contact Finlay for more details. 

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