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Famous for her limited editions & exquisite handcrafted work, Kaila Fusco creates each unique piece of jewellery at home in the Maasai Mara. Using responsibly sourced materials from East Africa and further afield, Kaila borrows from local cultures, wildlife and landscapes to develop her own blend of creativity.


With a medley of Canadian, Mexican, Australian and Italian roots, Kaila is an eclectic mix of ethnicities but there is only one place she calls home, Kenya.


Raised among Africa’s wild landscapes and colourful tribes, beauty could be found in every form and her passion for art and design started at an early age. As a teenager, Kaila travelled to Mexico to learn to make jewellery but soon returned to Africa to immerse herself in the cultures and scenery that she has always loved.


With inspiration everywhere, Kaila uses different techniques to transform silver and gold into stunning pieces that tell a unique story. Just like her own

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Kaila uses different casting and cutting techniques to mould the sterling silver or gold to create unique collections of one-off pieces. 


Hand-crafted at every stage and adorned with individual gems, each piece of jewellery comes with its very own story. 


Please contact Kaila to make inquiries about any of her one of a kind pieces.



If you are interested in purchasing our jewellery, please contact us via phone, Instagram or email using the contact details below:




We can accept payment via MPESA or Pesapal. MPESA Pay bill: 7422309, Account No: Personal/Company name.


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